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KGOC Tender Plan

  • KGOC HO Tendering Plan in 2021 – Planned Tenders
  • No. Title Brief of Scope Anticipated Dateof Issue /Commencement
  • Q1 - 2021
  • 1 Khafji New Gas Transit Linefrom KJO to MAA Refinery,KNPC Kuwait (Phase - 2) To complete the Phase - 2 scope of work related tothe extension pipeline including civil, mechanical,electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication work. Q1 - 2021
    2 KGOC Export Facility –Operation and MaintenanceContract (Offshore pipeline & FOC) TOperation and Maintenance of offshore pipeline & FOC from Al Khafji to Al Zour, Kuwait Q1 - 2021
    3 Fire extinguisher and Fire Fighting Electrical system for temporary buildings Supply and Maintain the KGOC fire extinguisher Q1 - 2021
    4 Maintenance of Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) system at KGOC Head Office and Al-Tijaria Building Maintenance of CCTV for KGOC Q1 - 2021
    5 Legal Software Application related to Legal Group Q1 - 2021
    6 Self Service KIOSK for KGOC Self Service Stations for KGOC Users Q1 - 2021
  • Q2 - 2021
  • 7 Nursery Contract Enable female employees to apply for registering their children below 4 years in a nursery in implementation of the law 21/2015 regarding child’s rights Q2 - 2021
    8 KGOC Head Office Security & Support Services Security Services for KGOC Q2 - 2021
    9 Halliburton Software & Services Contract Halliburton Software Support, maintenance, Services & Training Q2 - 2021
    10 Oracle Software Licenses Support & Maintenance Oracle R-12 Licenses Q2 - 2021
  • KGOC HO Tendering Plan in 2021 – Planned Tenders
  • No. Title Brief of Scope Anticipated Dateof Issue /Commencement
    11 Pest Control Services Provide pest control services. Such as fly 7 mosquitoes’ control, crawling insects’ control, termite and woodlice control, rodent control , animal control in various buildings and outside premises of KGOC Head Offices Q2 - 2021
    12 Consultation Services for KGOC Management Systems
    • Assess the existing procedures for each Team/Group, identify the shortfalls in the performance against the standards, and ensure that the procedures are in-line with KGOC Policy & KPC guidelines.
    • Establishes quality assurance system to measure all Company activities. Integrate and formulate comprehensive management system procedures.
    • Advice and monitor the establishment of Management System that we are planning.
    • Promotes quality achievement and advises on shortfalls and the appropriate actions to be taken.
    • Conducts studies related to quality assurance issues, as requested by QA Team or Senior Management.
    • ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management
    Q2 - 2021
    13 WJO VAT consultancy Kuwait VAT consultancy relating to Wafra Joint Operations Q2 - 2021
    14 Maintenance and Support Services for KGOC Data Center Maintenance and Support Services for KGOC Data Centre Q2 - 2021
  • Q3 - 2021
  • 15 Record Storage & Management Services Provide storage facility for storing Company Records and documents in safe secure and adequate manner and provide retrieval of documents Q3 - 2021
    16 Travel Agency Services Provision of travel services for Company employees,their dependents and Company visitors Q3 - 2021
    17 Decoration Services for 2022 & 2023 National Day Celebrations Design, fabricate, Installation and Maintenance of February 2022 & 2023 Celebrations Q3 - 2021
  • KGOC HO Tendering Plan in 2021 – Planned Tenders
  • No. Title Brief of Scope Anticipated Dateof Issue /Commencement
    18 Consultancy Service of lean six sigma training, implementation & supervision The Consultant shall deliver a successful implementation of Six Sigma initiative that will bring in a level of confidence by submitting the plan of the green built and implementing the course for participants for a minimum 2-week training. Also, conduct on-site support/coaching as well as online coaching until finalizing the green belt projects in implementation stage with successful outcome and provide credited certification by international bodies. Ensure the Green built participants practicing process improvement & control future process performance. Lead subject matter experts/ participates to increase customer satisfaction levels and business productivity. Q3 - 2021
  • Q4 - 2021
  • 19 Technical Manpower for IT Team Hiring of Technical Manpower for IT Q4 - 2021
    20 Provision of Services for Public Relations & Company Social Events Provide the provision of personnel vehicles, material and other facilities which include:
    ▪ Provision of Company Group Trips Services.
    ▪ Provision of Events Services
    ▪ Provision of Gift Items
    Q4 - 2021
    21 Provision of Media Related Services Services to be provided:
    ▪ Provide printing services.
    ▪ Oil Zone Magazine.
    ▪ Annual Report.
    ▪ Calendars.
    ▪ Customized Items (Stamp, Business Card, Circulation Slip Etc.
    ▪ Other Company expenses inclusive of specific publications
    ▪ Provide provision of personnel.
    Q4 - 2021
    22 Landscape Services Landscaping and related Maintenance Services for KGOC premises (internal & external) Q4 - 2021
    23 Kuwaiti Employees at Khafji Joint Operations Group Life, Personal Accidents & Workmen’s Compensation insurance Insurance coverage for Kuwaiti Employees in KJO includes accidents, total /partial disabilities, and death Q4 - 2021
  • KGOC HO Tendering Plan in 2021 – Planned Tenders
  • No. Title Brief of Scope Anticipated Dateof Issue /Commencement
    24 Supply of Secretaries and Office Supporting Personnel for KGOC The Contractor shall supply the Company with professional, experienced and qualified personnel for office administration and related tasks, such as secretaries, technical assistants, coordinators etc. Q4 - 2021
    25 Broking Services for KJO Operational Insurance Policy To provide Broking services and recommendations on appropriate insurance policies after assessment of companies demands and needs, to arrange and administer policies on Company’s behalf in a professional and efficient manner. Q4 - 2021
    26 Schlumberger Software & Services Contract The Scope involves procuring, maintenance and support services for Schlumberger softwares licenses for KGOC. Q4 - 2021