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KGOC Tender Plan

الكويت اليوم العدد 1573 السنة الثامنة والستون
No. Title Brief of Scope Anticipated Date of Issue /Commencement
1 Secondment of Specialized Personnel for KGOC secondment of specialized personnel for KGOC such as advisors, specialists, engineers, analysts etc. Q1 - 2023
2 Provision of Consultancy Services for Technical Subsurface Studies and Support The consultant shall be required to carry out the services in the area of integrated reservoir management studies, G&G and reservoir properties evaluations, field development studies, petrophysical, geological, geophysical, fluid analysis, reservoir engineering, simulation studies, reserves and resources evaluations, establishing and updating company’s petroleum reserves and resources, evaluation of cross boundary hydrocarbon migration volume, risk management and uncertainties and economic analysis for all KGOC oil and gas reservoirs. Q1 - 2023
3 Enterprise Software Licenses & Related Services Supply new non-Microsoft Software License, Microsoft Software License, Microsoft Premier Support Services and provide Maintenance & Support for the Company's Software during the Contract period. The Scope includes supply, maintenance, and licensing of Microsoft EA Agreement etc. Q1 - 2023
4 Kuwaiti Employees at KJO Group Life, Personal Accident & Workmen's compensation Insurance Effecting a benefit insurance for Kuwaiti employees at KJO in case of death and injuries inside and outside the workplace Q2 - 2023
5 KGOC Enterprise Computing Technical Services Contract The scope includes the following:  Upgrading KGOC Enterprise Computing infrastructure/platform/environment by replacing the existing Hardware with upgraded leased equipment (Backend & Frontend) which also include migrating user's data & applications.  Maintenance & support of new Hardware with consumables  Buy back Company's old hardware  Provision of consultants, Onsite/Offsite support staff Q2 - 2023