2040 strategic plan

The KGOC 2040 Strategic Plan is underpinned by 2040 KPC’s Strategic Directions. These Strategic Directions provide the high-level statement of intent for each of KPC’s businesses and, from them, the objectives and strategies of each were defined. For the Domestic Upstream, there are seven Strategic Directions out of ten Strategic Directions for the Upstream that have specific relevance to the development of the 2040 Strategic Plan.

KPC’s 2040 Strategic Directions has necessitated the Upstream Sector to revisit their Mission, Vision and the Strategic Plans for achieving the ambitious goals set forth by KPC until 2040. KGOC developed its 2040 Strategic Plan to contribute to the overall KPC Upstream Sector ambition and deliver on its commitments to the wider State of Kuwait.

The best of KGOC from Planning, Assets Management and Functional Areas came together to formulate a detailed, robust and integrated 2040 Strategic Plan. In this process, Five Strategic Core Initiatives and Fourteen Strategic Enabling Initiatives have been developed to address the identified strategic priorities and reach the production targets over the next 22 years.

  1. Standardized Oil
  2. Standardized gas
  3. Improved Oil Recovery
  4. Enhanced Oil Recovery
  5. New Hydrocarbons

Under above mentioned 5 core initiatives, 12 Strategic Programs have been identified.

  1. Develop critical capabilities to accelerate and support delivery production targets
  2. Design, build and deploy training programs to support development of required competencies
  3. Establish alignment and communication program for 2040
  4. Leverage and strengthen relationships with partners, service providers and suppliers to improve delivery of projects/targets
  5. Optimize and standardize governance related to finance processes
  6. Develop accelerated and agile capital projects governance model to improve efficiency of delivery
  7. Improve/Strengthen operations excellence, governance and performance management
  8. Optimize operating model including joint operations (HO/JO)
  9. Planning and Portfolio Management Opportunity insight
  10. Optimize procurement and contracts management process
  11. Optimize recruitment to delivery manpower and technical requirements
  12. Develop and strengthen stakeholder management capability
  13. Knowledge management and sharing
  14. Establish high performance culture and associated performance management

Implementation of KGOC 2040 Strategic Plan will require focus and commitment from a wide group of stakeholders. It will require strengthening stakeholder management, adoption of technology and developing critical technical capabilities, optimizing our operating model, on-time project delivery, instilling a high-performance culture amongst others.