Our Facilities


Wafra Joint Operations (WJO)

The facilities of Wafra Joint Operations include Light & Heavy Oil production, processing, storage & shipping facilities. Oil is gathered through flow lines in Sub-Centers (SC) then processed in Main Gathering Centre (MGC). MGC has Ratawi/Burgan processing plant and Eocene processing plant. Ratawi / Burgan Produced Gas is gathered in the Gas Handling Unit (GHU), uused for power generation, utilization and supply to KOC. Produced Water is processed at Pressure Maintenance Plant (PMP) for injection and disposal. Power Generation & Distribution (PGP) provides safe & reliable Electrical Power to joint Operations Fields & Facilities in addition to power from ministry of electricity and water.

Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)

KGOC Facilities include community, industrial and operational facilities in both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The major industrial facilities of Khafji Joint Operations are located near Khafji, Saudi Arabia. They include oil processing and storage facilities as well as shops and offices to support the industrial and operational needs in the Khafji area. There are also processing facilities located on offshore platforms.

The primary operational facilities are all located offshore, East of Khafji. These include well platforms and tanker loading sites.

The community facilities are located in both Khafji and Kuwait.

The various facility projects undertaken by KGOC and its partners are monitored closely to ensure they are within the budget provided and planned schedule. This includes all projects whether they are onshore or offshore, including community, industrial and operational facilities. These projects are classified according to their strategic value, size, complexity and resource availability.