Our Business


KGOC is actively involved in the exploration, appraisal, development and production of Oil and Gas from the Partitioned Zone (PZ) between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Although KGOC was only formed in 2002, the Oil and Gas operations in this area have been exploring and exploiting hydrocarbon reserves for more than 50 years.

Since January, 2006, KGOC took over the responsibility of managing Kuwait's interests in the onshore area of the Partitioned Zone. Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC) represents the interests of Kingdom Saudi Arabia in the area.

The Khafji joint operations (KJO) under KGOC's control are primarily offshore, including some onshore processing, storage and administrative facilities. Many projects are underway to search for new reserves in the area as well as improve the utilization of the existing reserves. KGOC hopes to lead the Khafji Joint Operations to significantly increase the scope of their offshore endeavors by earnestly searching for new sources of Oil and Gas and using advanced reservoir/petroleum engineering techniques to recover the underground fluids in a safe and optimal way.