Developing the employees’ abilities and skills to join global training and development programs

 KGOC: Developing the employees’ abilities and skills to join global training and development programs

Signed an agreement with “Fab Lab” of  Sabah Al-Ahmad Centre for Giftedness and Creativity

KGOC: Developing the employees’ abilities and skills to join global training and development programs
In the scope of its interest to train and develop its employees and reinforce them with knowledge and skills necessary to implement the Company’s strategic plans and serve the State of Kuwait, KGOC (CSR) signed a joint cooperation agreement with Sabah Al-Ahmad Centre for Giftedness and Creativity (One of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences’ centers) to provide a unique training program, includes workshops about applied sciences “Fab Lab”, and train the Company’s engineers to carry out distinctive innovations and inventions in order to qualify them to get patents and training courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA.

The Agreement was signed by Dr. Omar Abdul Khaleq Al-Bannai, General Manager of the Center, and Mr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi, Manager of KGOC’s Commercial Affairs and Public Relations Group.
The Program’s Agreement
The Agreement provides that Sabah Al-Ahmad Centre for Giftedness and Creativity, as the owner of “Fab Lab-Kuwait”, will provide a training program for a group of employees of the administration, engineering, scientific and technical specializations nominated by the Company, and after passing the Program’s technical standards to qualify and train them, and improve their career skills.

The Program is the first of its kind in Kuwait and the Middle East, in which the trainee obtains highly accredited diploma in the numerical manufacturing, which requires technological and manual skills. It provides training on global scientific and practical basis with the latest technology and training equipment to create a generation aware of the modern technology and trained to use it to transform his ideas into projects and products, and promote the culture of manufacturing in the Kuwaiti society.
Also, the Agreement provides that the Center will register the innovative projects, and obtaining patent certificates for the Program’s outputs from the global patent offices accredited according to the followed regulations and policies. The duration of the training program is 17 weeks, as the Center provides monthly reports to the Company, including the results of the work, and evaluation of the trainees.

CSR organized an illustrative meeting in the Company’s H.O to announce the Program and to identify the Agreement. It was attended by Mr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi, Manager of  Commercial Affairs and Public Relations Group & Head of CSR, Mrs. Amal Al-Khalfan, Team Leader of Training & Career Development, in which Mr. Ahmad Al-Saleh, Technical Manager of “Fab Lab-Kuwait”, and Mr. Naser Al-Khaldi, the Founder of Fab Lab-Kuwait were hosted. Mr. Al-Saleh made a presentation about Fab Lab concept and how it develops the skills of the participants of different age and academic background. He explained that Fab Lab offers skills that qualify the participants to develop their ideas and visions in various fields to become patent holders.
The Program’s Members
The Company has nominated  the following 12 colleagues to join the Program: Dalia Al-Hashash, PR Team, Naser Al-Abduljader and Jassem Adnan Bouresli, Commercial Affairs Team, Mohammad Esma’eel Al-Matori, Information Technology Team, Abdullal Saleh Al-Bawi, Services Team, Ahmad Sa’eed Al-Mutairi, Exploration and Fields Development Team, Ahmad Esma’eel Al-Anezi, Projects & Facilities Team, Yousef Naif Al-Mutairi, Financial Payments Team, Hussain Kamal, Budget & Cost Team, Eman Al-Mejren, Audit Affairs Team, Salim M. Al-Ameeri, Performance Management Team, Shuaib Al-Shuaib, HSSE Team

Joint Cooperation
About the training Program, KGOC CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Y. Alfulaij, said the CSR was keen on provision of this distinctive Program for the Company’s employees, particularly the engineers, as a first stage for its impressive results around the world, and the real development for its participants’ skills to qualify them to join training and development programs for their ideas in the most important and prestigious global academic institutions.
He added that the workshop of applied sciences in Fab Lab is an objective for young people to enrich their ideas, reinforce their talents in research and applied innovation, and to spread the culture of technology manufacturing as a coronation for those efforts.

He pointed out that the Company and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, represented by Sabah Al-Ahmad Center, worked jointly for constructive scientific investment through employing youth talents and enhancing their ideas in development projects and creating a pioneer cultural and civilizational environment.

Sabah Al-Ahmad Centre
It is worth mentioning that Sabah Al-Ahmad Centre for Giftedness and Creativity is one of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences’ centers, and it was established in May 2010 with a sublime initiative by HH the Amir and the Chairman of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may Allah protect him. The Center discovers and cares for distinguished, talented and creative people of the State of Kuwait by providing the fit environment to turn their ideas into concrete creations.
The applied sciences workshop in Fab Lab is a place for achievement and exchange of ideas and expertise, and it is the first workshop to allow young people to use their time for their benefit. The Fab Lab’s idea began in industrial countries and at MIT University in 2005, and then it was spread globally.