KGOCs New Building Project

 Environmental Leadership, Advanced Engineering and Architectural Techniques

Al-Shaheen: KGOC’s New Building considers all global environmental considerations

Acting DCEO of Planning and Services Mr. Saeed Al-Shaheen said that “In the scope of its concerns about the environmental aspect, and commitment to these standards, KGOC was keen to meet all environmental requirements during the construction of its new building. As the building is designed according to the latest techniques and methods of sustainable environmental design and techniques, in which sustainable technology and energy saving methods have been implemented in the project in line with the local environment and the character of the Company’s work requirements”.
He added that the design of the new building has been rated silver according to the LEED energy and environment design for its energy consumption and reduction of various types of waste, in which about 20% of total energy consumption will be provided through solar generators. In addition, sustainable environment methods in design were approved through providing natural lighting for 100% of the offices, allowing the employees to implement all their daily work during working hours depending on natural lighting.
The following report is highlighting the implications of this distinctive project, in which KGOC is working to implement it according to the latest global environmental and engineering requirements:
First: The Project’s Components
The project consists of three primary building blocks; the north block, the east block and circular central block.
The three blocks combined provide approximately 70,460 sqm. of built up space distributed over five floors above ground level consisting of offices, fully equipped meeting and conference rooms, training rooms, main auditorium of 200 persons capacity, male prayer hall of 200 persons capacity and several female prayer rooms in each of the building blocks.  In addition, the project includes the main data center and significant storage spaces and other supporting facilities.
Second: The Project Environmental Standards:
Before tendering the new building project, team members responsible for the project conducted a field visit to the United States which was facilitated by both the Sustainable Design Consultant and the LEED Consultant. The trip objective was to inspect the latest sustainable design and energy saving technologies in similar buildings. Then, the team reached the most appropriate design methods and developed an implementation plan through carry out the sustainable technology and energy saving methods in the project in line with the local environment and the character of KGOC’s work requirements.
Third: Sustainability in the Project:
With regards to the energy saving modern technologies, several sustainable design aspects have been integrated into the building design including providing natural lighting to 100% of the offices such that each employee can work solely on daylight throughout normal working hours. 
In addition, 20% of all installed loads shall be generated from roof mounted high yield solar panels array. Furthermore, and in order to provide the building occupants with a healthy and pleasant work environment, the design incorporates several external and internal gardens. Thus, all the building occupants will have the opportunity to enjoy natural views.
Fourth: The Project’s Facilities:
The project includes a range of facilities and services that meet the need of employees during working hours such as, equipped meeting rooms, mosque, bank, café, library, stores, open areas for casual meetings and inter-company social activities, auditorium, information center and other facilities.
Fifth: The Project’s Implementation Mechanism:
The new building will be constructed in the same location which is currently being occupied by the Company in Ahmadi, next to the Petroleum Training Center, which was a major challenge for the team to be able to balance among the speed of implementation, the employees’ safety, and secure the procedures of transferring them to alternative workplaces.
KGOC’s team succeeded in this challenge, in which the construction has already begun in parallel with the transferring the staff to highly equipped temporary buildings according to successful evacuation plan, without any injuries, physical or environmental damage, and in a record time, which achieved a smooth balance in the construction plan and continuity of work in the Head Office.