KGOC honors its retirees

 Under the auspices of the CEO KGOC honors its retirees

Under the auspices and presence of KGOC CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Alfulaij, along with DCEO of Finance and Administration Affairs Mr. Mahmoud Abul, and DCEO of Planning and Services Mr. Saeed Al-Shaheen, in addition to a number of group managers and team leaders, the Company held a ceremony to honor a number of its retirees. It took place on Monday, 13th Feb. 2017, at Ahmadi Guest House.

The ceremony was like a fraternal meeting that gathered the Executive Management and the Company’s retired employees, in which Mr. Alfulaij praised the efforts of the retirees during their service to achieve progress and raise the Company’s position.
He said: “No one can deny your sincere efforts during your service, as the words of thanks and gratitude will not be equivalent to your generous and distinctive giving.”. He noted that the organization of this event emerges from KGOC’s core values, which believe that gratitude and thanking everyone who contributed to building the Company and raise its position is a duty and inevitable matter.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Alfulaij presented appreciation certificates and trophies to retirees.