Abul: Developing the human capacity is KGOC’s top priority

 He stressed the Company’s tireless strive to develop its national personnel

KGOC DCEO of Finance and Administration Affairs Mr. Mahmoud Abul, stressed the Company’s keenness in developing and training its human elements, especially the national personnel of technical specializations of engineers and geologists in the Company’s different worksites (HO, WJO & KJO).

He explained that since its foundation, the Company was keen on this matter through developing many plans and strategies to raise the efficiency of its employees, as well as enroll them in internal and external training courses and development programs according to their specializations, through developing evaluation programs for each job title that measure the level of occupants of those jobs, and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

He stressed that the general policy of training, development and evaluation programs has been developed and approved in line with the one followed by KPC and its subsidiaries.

In this regard, KGOC implemented the latest program approved by KPC, which is the annual program of scholarships and study leaves that provides scholarships and educational opportunities for oil sector employees, inside and outside Kuwait, to develop their capabilities and reinforce their skills.

He added that the announcement of this year allocated two scholarships to KGOC in Chemical Engineering and Geology, in which the number of applicants for the two specializations was equal this year.

Also, Mr. Abul said that this year scholarship grantees were chosen according to certain conditions. There are conditions for submitting and validity of applications, as well as the differentiation elements, in which some elements are taken into consideration such as the applicant’s annual performance, his/her department, marital status, educational level, as these elements come within the unified scholarships conditions placed by KPC, to ensure that this feature - the scholarship - is given to those who deserve it.
He explained that the winner of an external scholarship must look for a globally recognized university that suits his/her specialization, to complete studying and obtain a master’s degree, and this for the specializations that are not available within the State of Kuwait.

At the end, he said that the employees of the Kuwaiti oil sector should feel of honor and distinction for the development opportunities offered by the sector in the different worksites that will make a major move in human performance levels and the consequent in the field of operating and production, and do their best to benefit from those developmental advantages provided by the sector to its employees.