Mission, Vision & Values


Mission, Vision & Values

KGOC has a shared mission, vision and values with the Upstream sector aligning to KPC, which are as follows:


  • To explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons in the Divided Zone...
  • And be a secure and reliable supplier to our customers, promote the care and development of our people and deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders...
  • In a compliant, profitable, safe and environmentally responsible manner.


To achieve a leading global position in Upstream Oil & Gas as an integrated, value-driven enterprise, by:

  • Maximizing the strategic value from oil
  • Realizing the potential of gas
  • Growing reserves for a sustainable future
  • Being an employer of choice
  • Realizing value from technology
  • Strengthening our commitment to HSSE
  • Striving for excellence in performance, and
  • Contributing to the Enterprise and State


  • Integrity: We will act with openness, trust, respect, fairness, transparency, honesty, reliability, high ethical standards, professionalism, accountability.
  • Motivation: Collaborative work place, teamwork; loyal environment driven by appropriate performance culture.
  • Corporate Thinking Care for KPC’s interest and issues and ensure alignment to achieve KPC’s goals as a total rather than segment.
  • Commitment to HSSE and Society:
    - Commitment to environmental protection, safety, security and healthy workplace.
    - Corporate social responsibility in Kuwait and in host communities.
  • Partnership: Build and sustain long-term, value-adding relationships that support growth and enhance operational excellence.
  • Flexibility: Willingness to change, Innovation, Responsiveness.
  • Excellence: High performance, operational excellence, continuous improvement, high quality products and services, customer focus..