Health, Safety & The Environment (HSE)

Health, Safety and the Environment, are the central elements of our Oil production operations. We will strive for highest standard performance in these areas. Whatever challenges, ultimately employee health, safety and Environmental protection are our top priority in day-to-day operations.


HSE Mission

  • Complying with the standards that address the safety, well being of our employees and reduce, eliminate accidents.
  • Complying with environmental regulations and minimizing environmental liabilities.

HSE Vision

  • We conduct all our operations in a way that protects the Health and safety of employees, contractors, in public and the Environment.
  • We ensure protection of the environment through continuous monitoring and improvement of system.
  • We work co-operatively and effectively with communities, government agencies and interested stakeholders to reduce potential impacts of our operations.


HSE Managment System

We are working to strengthen and embed the HSE systems and processes that enable KGOC to be a safe and responsible company.

The elements of Our HSEMS are as follow:

  1. Management Commitment and responsibilities
  2. Integrated HSE Organization
  3. Challenging HSE goals and Objectives
  4. High Standards of Performance
  5. Continuous Training and performance
  6. Effective Two way Communication & Motivation
  7. Behavior and system Audit
  8. Incident prevention through Effective investigation
  9. Management of Change
  10. Managing Contractors
  11. Mechanical integrity and quality assurance
  12. Hazard identification and Risk Management
  13. Emergency preparedness and Response
  14. Environmental management
  15. Occupational Health Management
  16. Legal Compliance and other Requirement