Exploration & Development - WJO


Assets Management (Wafra) Group is involved to recover maximum oil with most economic operations. Professionals are busy in assessing resources and moving them to reserves and converting them to production.

Exploration Studies

Exhaustive exploration and appraisal programs for entire partitioned zone on land are planned.

A number of Geological and Geophysical studies, Rock and Fluid description studies, Uncertainty Management, Risk Evaluation and Economics studies are being done to support exploration and appraisal projects currently under execution.

Field Development Studies

Optimum development strategy is required to recover underground hydrocarbons economically. A series of engineering studies are required to identify opportunities and formulate Optimum Development Strategy/Plan. A number of Rock and Fluid description studies, Material Balance studies, Decline Curve Analysis, Reservoir Simulation Models, Uncertainty Management, Risk Evaluation and Development Economics studies are being done in routine to undertake Reserves and Reservoir management process. Joint Reservoir Simulation Models (Static & Dynamic) have been built for most of producing reservoirs. These models are kept living for key reservoirs by updating them frequently with acquired static and dynamic data for reservoir management and enhanced oil recovery processes.


All aspects of the drilling program are carefully designed. Vertical, High angle, Horizontal and Multilateral in addition to sidetracking and deepening well technologies are required to exploit the DZ onshore fields. Further, exploring deep wells to depths of 7,000 meters (23,000 feet) are in the planning stage.


A variety of well completions such as Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP), Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP) and Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP) are currently in use in the onshore area. These also include dual zone completions.

A large scale pilot study is underway to test the effectiveness of steam flooding at bringing Oil to the surface.

Improved Oil Recovery Process

Pressure Maintenance projects are in operations in Wafra –Ratawi and Humma Marrat reservoirs to improve ultimate oil recovery.

Peripheral Power Water Injection is in operation in Wafra-Ratawi since 1998, the process was supplemented in 2004 by dumping water into Ratawi reservoir from Zubair a water bearing formation.

Pressure Maintenance project has been in operation since 2010 in Humma-Marrat by dumping water from Zubair. Process will to be converted to power water injection on provision of injection facilities.

Pilot Water Injection Projects are under implementation in Wafra 2nd Eocene and South Fuwaris Ratawi Limestone reservoirs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Thermal recovery processes are required to improve production and enhance oil recovery from underground resource. Reservoir studies indicate huge potential exists for enhancing oil recovery in 1st and 2nd Eocene reservoirs. Steam flood pilot projects are in operation in 1st & 2nd Eocene to prepare Uncertainty Management Plans and reduce technical & economic risks in Full Field EOR operations.