Community Engagement

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company is earnestly striving to make people, safe and contented through communication, support and fraternity. The company makes a difference through its actions, by supporting and participating in various public events for the community including, hospital visits, sponsorship of important events and donations for social initiatives.

KGOC believes that it has a major role to play within its extended community which surrounds its employees, offices and operations. The company has long realized the importance of nurturing of a wholesome community environment for its employees and their families, as the well-being of employees can only be assured if the community they live is safe and reassuring. KGOC Public Relations Team makes genuine efforts in this direction by enlightening the staff and society though its publications for the benefit of the entire community.

The predicament that any company in Oil and Gas sector undoubtedly has to leave a negative impact on the environment makes it obligatory for all oil companies to observe environmental protection to keep its impacts within least possible limits. We are proud that our company is working desirously to mitigate any adverse impact it may cause, holding HSSE its primary concern while providing the community a safe and nurturing environment, benefiting not only the current society but also several generations ahead.