CEO's Message

Dear colleagues in KGOC,

It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you at the beginning of entrusting me to chair KGOC, asking Allah Almighty to guide us all during the coming period to do our best in order to achieve the visions and aspirations of the Company and the oil sector as a whole.

In spite of the challenges ahead which known by everyone, however, I confirm you that I have a great confidence that we are able to face and overcome them, and even turn them into achievements through your efforts and sincere work. As I confirm you that the developing the human element was and still among the most important priorities of the Company and the oil sector to apply the general policy of the sector and KPC’s strategic directions.

Finally, I confirm our determination to work with all our capacity to achieve Kuwait State's oil objectives, and to work to achieve the strategic oil visions of KPC, in which that there is no doubt that these goals and visions require concerted efforts and teamwork of the oil sector as a whole, so I appeal to you to do your best, as we had known you, to reach what we aspire to.

I wish God to guide us all for the welfare of the oil sector, and for our beloved homeland Kuwait.

Abdulnaser Y. Alfulaij